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Our club fields teams in the North and South Hills of Pittsburgh


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About Us



Joga Bonito means “Play Beautiful” in Portuguese and represents promoting fair and creative play, team spirit, and showing the beautiful side of soccer by encouraging “play from the heart”.
We believe that kids learn much more in a soccer club than just the game. They learn how to work up to their potential, how to push themselves to their limits, how it feels when the team counts on them, and most importantly, how playing their hearts out for their team is the greatest fun.
We look at each player as a whole person, and hope to see character development over time. Our coaches know that they are not only mentors but role models for their players, and that is how they interact with the kids on and off the field.
Soccer at Joga Bonito FC is a game that teaches the value of hard work, the joy of team spirit, and the importance of an active, healthy lifestyle.




The mission of Joga Bonito FC is to offer young soccer players an opportunity to play soccer at a higher level by providing highly qualified, experienced coaches. We teach a curriculum that focuses on the whole player in soccer, futsal and related fitness activities. We will create and maintain a culture on and off the field that exemplifies the spirit of “Joga Bonito” - Play Beautiful.




Our vision is to provide an environment that offers the highest quality of soccer instruction in a way that nurtures and encourages a child to develop and play to his or her best ability. Our club culture teaches our players that self discipline, strong work ethic, a true moral compass, and a passion for excellence in team effort are the traits that help them fulfill their potential as soccer players and as human beings.

The scope of the Joga Bonito FC experience begins with getting to know the game of soccer as children in the early golden years of learning and as they grow through competitive levels all the way to the collegiate, professional, amateur open men and women leagues, and adult recreational leagues.

In addition to offering an opportunity for lifelong fitness in soccer and futsal, Joga Bonito FC will provide a strong foundation for the long-term development of coaches and game officials in Pennsylvania.


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